Thursday, 25 August 2016

Summer Holiday Beauty Products

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To be honest, I usually don't like to wear much makeup on holiday anyway and use as little skin care products as possible to give the skin a break. But since I spent my summer holiday at the Baltic Sea I especially didn't feel the need to slather foundation and eyeshadow on my face. Instead, I let my skin breathe in the salty fresh air in contrast to the pollution of Berlin where I stayed the days before. I really enjoyed those days where morning routines just took 5 minutes but I think there's a mental aspect to it, too.
The first day I felt self concious, having a stroll at the seafront, wondering what everyone must be thinking. But I realized quickly that literally nobody but me cared. And frankly, it's not like I looked horrific, I just had forgotten how to appreciate and love my apperance without any enhancement. But within a few days I noticed how my perception of myself had changed. I no longer focused on little blemishes when I looked in the mirror. Instead I saw sparkeling eyes and smiling lips.
So these are all products I used throughout my stay at the sea:

This lovely BB Cream is great for a quick pick-me-up for dry/normal skin. It smoothes out the complexion, hydrates the skin and protects with an SPF 10. This basically replaced my moisturizer and worked wonders to my skin.

There's nothing much to say since I already wrote about this miraculously quick cleanser and makeup remover but I can assure you that I still love it!

After cleansing I massaged a mixture of rose, carrot and almond oil into the skin to strengthen, nourish and enhance the complexion. (This is a nice video if you'd like to dip into fascial massage.)

What is your holiday beauty regime?

Caroline x

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