Saturday, 2 January 2016

A new year

2016. A new year, a new start.
But really? Do we really believe to start 'fresh' only because everyone says so? Why does a change of date suggest a change of us? I think we see the new year as a chance for change to become how we want to be and the best we can be because we, lazy as we are, didn't do so before when there was no one who showed us his New Years Resolutions so we didn't feel like we might want to do the same and overcome our weaker self like he or she is.
So, to inspire you and to make me remember my resolutions, here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2016 (Well, I guess that's not how I should put it. It's more like a mantra that I'd like to follow).

Dare to say yes more often.
Dare to be kind.
Dare to be who you want to be.
Dare to be confident.
Dare to take time (for yourself, for others, to practice yoga, to improve, ...).
Dare to do it.
Dare to live the moment.

What are your resolutions?
Caroline x

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